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FOOD IS OUR FUEL! We need vitamins and nutrients to power our muscles and boost our brains. BUT NOT ALL FOODS ARE CREATED EQUAL! Some foods have super action. They have extra vitamins, extra minerals, lots of fiber and phytonutrients that help keep us strong and healthy. Every food group has its SUPER ALL STARS.



The DAIRY GROUP including milk, yogurt and cheese is essential for its excellent source of calcium. MILK is a WINNER (fat -free or 1%, please). It is packed with calcium and Vitamin D for healthy bone and strong teeth and other nutrients including Vitamin A and protein. Broccoli Karate So make milk one of your drinks of choice! YOGURT is another SUPER ALL- STAR FOOD rich in bone-building vitamins and protein helping to keep you healthy and strong. ADD IT TO A FRUIT SMOOTHIE, USE AS A DIP OR JUST EAT IT STRAIGHT FROM THE CARTON.... MMMM'm smooth and creamy!

Broccoli Karate

VEGETABLE GROUP: Go for those rainbow color veggies. DIFFERENT COLORS MEAN DIFFERENT VITAMINS AND MINERALS. Sweet potatoes are a rich orange and one of the best veggies you can eat! They are high in vitamin C, potassium and fiber And the nutrients that give the orange color are GREAT FOR NIGHT VISION ( A BONUS FOR HALLOWEEN TRICK-

OR- TREATING ). Don't overlook GRAPE TOMATOES! They may be small, but they pack a wallop of vitamins A and C AND A POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANT to help keep you active and well. Their bite-size shape makes them great for snacking , adding to salads and dunking in dips. Add some powerful little green broccoli florets to your salad and you're packing on the Vitamin C and K. Top them with melted cheese....YUMMY !

The MEAT AND BEAN GROUP will give you the IRON YOUR BODY NEEDS TO BUILD MUSCLE. These foods along with POULTRY, NUTS and EGGS will give you the PROTEIN YOU NEED TO GROW . Keep your meats "LEAN".

Meat & Bean


Turkey breast is one of the leanest meats and makes an awesome sandwich with tomatoes and whole wheat bread. Don't forget the FISH, especially SALMON and SARDINES which are HIGH IN OMEGA 3's that help keep your heart strong and healthy.





What about those juicy fruits loaded with Vitamins A and C and fiber?



Fresh or frozen, add them to your cereal, mix them into yogurt, whip them into a smoothie, or mix them with nuts and chocolate chips for great a trail mix!

Create a nutrient-packed rainbow of color by making A HEALTHY FRUIT SALAD. Use YELLOW PEACHES, PURPLE PLUMS, RED WATERMELON and STRAWBERRIES, GREEN GRAPES and ORANGES (orange, of course).


Go for the WHOLE GRAINS to get a great source of energy! Spread peanut butter on whole grain breads and crackers . Use whole grain pitas and tortillas for wraps. Read your cereal labels and go for the whole grain. Avoid the refined sugars that will slow you down!

Whole Grains


Eat foods from all the food groups and don't forget to add these SUPER ALL-STAR FOODS for an extra boost of powerful nutrients!

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The colors of the fruits and veggies, blue, purple, green, red, yellow and orange actually are the reason for their terrific ability to fight disease in our body!!!

These colors represent Phytochemicals. They are like fighting NINJA WARRIORS which are the anti-oxidants ready to defeat the bad guys.

They will find and conquer the EVIL FREE RADICALS, which travel around your body and like to cause mischief and mayhem.


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