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Meet penny

Penny Nerdelman: Youngest daughter of Theo and Natasha, Sister to Benny and Nicki.


Hobbies: plays a lot of tennis and enjoys jumping rope; takes jazz, tap and hip and loves to dance; really loves animals and helps Mr. Gray design Penny's pet Page; is an amateur photographer and loves to photograph her pets any other animal she sees. She is tracking her dance and tennis classes for a Presidents Challenge Award. She loves American Gril Dolls but her favorite stuffed toy is Nerdel, which she hugs at night.

Reads: books about dogs, cats and horses; Magic Tree House; Nancy Drew; also reads Highlights magazine.

Goals & Dreams: Wants to be a Verterinarian ; wishes she could find homes for all stay animals; wants to eliminate puppy mills.

Favorite Foods: eats everything but loves salads like her mom; really loves strawberries

Favorite TV shows: Watches Animals planet, the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon.

On the web: looks at Webkinz; Disney and Petstyle with her mom; loves to check out

Favorite Music:Miley Cyrus aka Hanna Montana and Cheetah Girls.

Favorite Movies: Because of Winn Dixie; All American Girl Movies


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