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Graehm Gray: Mild mannered Editor-in-Chief of the Nerdel News, Graehm Gray, or as his close friends and colleagues call him, G.G. majored in Global Business Strategies at Oxford. GG went to high school with his close friends Theo and Natasha Nerdelman and then went back to his native Great Britain to be close to his family and father.


Hobbies: GG is an avid sportsman, excellent basketball player (was on the varsity team in high school; expert in Jet Kun Do and the Phillipino art of Escrima, award winning International Skeet Shooter, fisherman and master ballroom dancer. He is fluent in Russian, and Japanese.

He reads the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, G.Q. (Gerntlemen's Quarterly) and Men's Health. His Favorite book is 700 Sundays by Billy Crystal.

Goals & Dreams: To make the Nerdel News the best source of children's edutainment on the web. To empower children to make the right choices. To help Nerdel spread his message of fitness and nutrition throughout the world.

Favorite Foods: He is mostly a pesco-vegetarian and enjoys all wild fish and all types of vegetables which he eats three times daily, where ever in the world he is!

Favorite TV shows: "24" and reruns of "Get Smart and "Man from U.N.C.L.E."

On the Web: All new sites;

Favorite Movies: His favorite movies are the Godfather series, Spy kids, James Bond, The Jason Bourne movies & The Incredibles.

Music: GG enjoy Jazz guitar great, Wes Montgomery and the music of SEAL; he plays the bass guitar and the drums.