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Meet Benny


Benny Nerdelman: Son of Theo and Natasha, brother to Nicki and Penny;


Hobbies: plays all sports known to mankind and is taking karate lessons; writes “Benny's Sports My Way”; plays the saxophone. Loves hiking with his dad.

Reads: Harry Potter; also reads Sports Illustrated Kids and The Sporting News.

Goals & Dreams: Wants to play basketball as good as Kobe Bryant; When he grows up, he wants to be a sportscaster; likes to make sure everyone is included in a sports game and no one is left behind; he is tracking his sports activities for a President's Challenge Award.

Favorite Foods: eats everything except shell fish; loves cherries and grapes.

Favorite TV shows: watches The Disney Channel and Nickelodeon; likes to watch ESPN's Sports Center News. Is a big fan of Chris Berman.

On the web: looks at the ESPN and Fox Sports sites online with his dad.

Favorite Music: Kenny G.

Favorite Movies: The Robinsons and The Incredibles.