Jul 11 2011

We Are Getting Fatter! Graehm Gray

Hello my fans and yes, we are getting fatter. A report released this past Thursday, July 7th, 2011 F as in Fat: How Obesity Threatens America's Future*, reveals that the obesity rates across America are increasing. That’s right, there are more obese individuals in 16 states than in 2010. And there was no state in the United States, that reported a decline in obesity rates. Yes, we are all getting fatting-well most of us! Here are the percentage of obese adults in all 50 states-see it for yourself**: 

State %   State %
Mississippi 34.4   Maine 26.5
Alabama 32.3   Washington 26.4
West Virginia 32.2   Florida 26.1
Tennessee 31.9   Alaska 25.9
Louisiana 31.6   Virginia 25.9
Kentucky 31.5   Idaho 25.7
Oklahoma 31.4   New Hampshire 25.6
South Carolina 30.9   New Mexico 25.6
Arkansas 30.6   Arizona 25.4
Michigan 30.5   Oregon 25.4
Missouri 30.3   Wyoming 25.4
Texas 30.1   Minnesota 25.3

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Jul 04 2011

Fast Food and Alcohol- You Can’t Be Serious! Graehm Gray

Hello my fans and here is another in the ridiculous fads that parents will have to deal with:  fast food restaurants selling beer and wine. That’s right, Starbucks, Burger King and Sonic are just some of the restaurant chains that have already added beer and wine to their menus. My first reaction was, you can’t be serious! Tennis great John McEnroe’ s immortal statement on the tennis court was my first thought too. We have millions of kids (and adults) eating at fast food restaurants on a daily basis and now, not only will I have to worry about their food selections, but now they will be exposed to alcohol. Yes I know, alcohol is served at many food establishments. Yes I know that alcohol is served at most if not all stadiums where all sporting events are held. But wait a minute. How can that be a good thing? You are telling me that drinking alcohol and getting on the road is good? You are telling me that picking up an order of beer (or wine) with your hamburger and fries, while driving home is also good? No, this is not good. Exposing our young, under the drinking age kids to alcohol is not a good thing.  We are talking about young kids. Not junior adults at the drinking age. As it stands now, kids without proper identification can’t even ...

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Jun 27 2011

Lowering Carbohydrate Intake Reduces Body Fat. Graehm Gray

Hello my fans and let’s get right to the new research. Yes, the Best Diet in the Universe (BDITU)*** is on target. A new study by lead scientist Dr. Barbara Gower*, Professor of Nutrition Sciences at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, presented at the 93rd Annual Meeting of the Endocrine Society held in Boston, documents that cutting down on the intake of carbohydrates (i.e. starches, pasta, bread, sugar, etc.) will reduce the amount of “deep belly fat.” And, these reductions in deep fat may come with even little to no weight loss. How do you like that! As you have read here in my blog, the Best Diet in the Universe*** is exactly what the doctor ordered. The BDITU reduces the load of carbohydrate and introduces the body to a healthy stream of fruits, poly and monounsaturated fats, vegetable proteins and low fat dairy. According to Dr. Gower and her team, the loss of the deeper fat occurred mostly in non African Americans. The low carbohydrate diet used by Dr. Gower and her associates consisted of the following breakdown of calories: 43 percent from carbohydrates 39 percent from fat 18 percent from protein Using the above method, dieters on the restricted carb diet had 11 percent less deep fat than the subjects on the “standard” low fat diet. In addition, most dieters on the carb restricted plan had a 4 percent greater loss of ...

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May 24 2011

Best Diet in the Universe – Day 7: Graehm Gray.

Hello my diet fans and welcome to Day 7 of your Best Diet in the Universe diet plan, brought to you by me, your diet guru, Graehm Gray. Yes, I have accepted your mandate. I am there for you! Investigating the hundreds of diet plans out there and formulating my original plan just for you, my loyal followers. Its actually not so dramatic, but I like to write that way! My plan incorporates the essentials of a good Mediterranean style meal plan with a special concern on calorie intake. Its really not a “diet” plan per se, but more like a way of life. Yes, a life style! So fellow dieter, you have reached the end of the week: week number one-and we are about to climb further up the mountain. By this time, after six diet days, your body is going through changes. Your body is recognizing that it is not getting the usual amount of food that it has received before. In fact, besides seeing a lower quantity, it is seeing a much healthier assortment of calories. Your body is now being called upon to burn fat and carbs more efficiently. It is adding protein to your muscles and burning internal fat. And with the Best Diet in the Universe daily exercise program, your conditioning is improving not to mention the efficiency of your metabolism. Your ability ...

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May 10 2011

Best Diet in the Universe: Day 6 – You Are A Lean, Green Calorie Burning Machine! Graehm Gray

Hello my fans. Welcome to Day 6 of the Best Diet in the Universe. Day 5 was certainly a leaner day with less food available but with continued exercise. Your body is learning to adjust to the lower amounts of calories. You are getting into the fat burning stages of this diet plan which will result in weight loss. That’s a good thing! We will follow Day 5 with a detox* day. This will help lower your body fat and get your metabolism to gear up to a steady state of fat and calorie burning. Let’s begin: Breakfast: start with a mixture of 2 ounces of "POM"-brand name blueberry/pomegranate juice and 2 ounces of water, followed by 2 scrambled eggs, 2 slices of tomato (1/4 inch thick), 1/2 of a grapefruit sprinkled with cinnamon, coffee/tea, 1 glass of water with lemon (6oz). Calorie goal: 200. Mid morning snack: 3 handfuls of a combination of roasted unsalted almonds and dried cherries; coffee/tea, one glass water (6 ounce) with lemon. Calorie goal: 50-100. Lunch: Start with a large salad with either iceberg or Romaine lettuce; add tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, onions, carrots, fresh or frozen broccoli, and a small piece (2 inches thick, by 2 inches wide by 5 inches long) of grilled salmon* (the salmon is grilled with garlic, lemon and olive oil). Dip and taste salad dressing of your choice. Coffee/tea, with 2 glasses ...

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May 07 2011

May 2011 Events Calendar – Graehm Gray

• National Physical Fitness and Sports Month (May 1-31) • Mother’s Day (May 8th) • National Physical Education and Sport Week (May 1-7) • National Women's Health Week (May 8-14) • Bike-to-Work Week (May 16-20) • National Employee Health and Fitness Day (May 18) • National Senior Health Fitness Day (May 25th) • National Salad Month* (May) • National Tap Dance Day (May 25th) • Memorial Day (May 30th) • United Nations: World No Tobacco Day (May 31st) My friends, for all of you salad lovers, this is the month to show your support. If you are not a consumer of plant foods, this is the time to give them a try. Salads are an amazingly healthy food item that offers many protective health benefits. And it’s also the month to get out and show your exercise support. Remember, regular exercise and eating healthy are the best ways to remain physically fit and protect yourself from many medical problems. Stay fit and healthy The Nerdel Way. Links: a. Salad Adventures* 101 and 102 at www.nerdel.com/blog b. Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans: www.health.gov/PAGuidelines/ c. Take the Million PALA Challenge: nerdel.com/blog d. President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports Tool Kit: www.fitness.gov/resources/toolkit/index.html

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May 01 2011

Best Diet in the Universe Day 5: Quicker Weight Loss! Graehm Gray

Hello my fans. Welcome to another day in the life of a dieter. Do you have more pounds to lose? That’s okay! You are in the right place and on the right track. Today's plan is part of the “quick weight loss” plan that is incorporated in the Best Diet in the Universe series. There will be less food today. Yes, less than the previous four days. Today, less is better than more! This will help trigger more fat burning and more calorie loss. If you are on the Best Diet in the Universe plan, you are eating nuts (if you are not allergic), fresh fruits and berries. You are eating less carbohydrates and this is boosting your fat burning. And today, you will eat even less! I know I just said that, but I want to emphasize the “less factor”. Many of you have written in that there is too much food on this plan. You are correct. There are extreme diet plans and less extreme. My plan will allow your body to adjust to the lower amounts of calories and changes in the composition without dramatically affecting your mood or hunger center. But today we will push you a bit! Remember today less is more. Le Tour de Diet!!! Alez silvous plait. On to Day 5. Bon Jour! So we have reached day number five of Le Tour de Diet! ...

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Apr 07 2011

Nerdel Fruit Cube – The Nerdel iPad and iPhone App : Graehm Gray

Hello my fans. I want to tell you about this very cool iPad and iPhone app by my pal Nerdel. It’s called the Nerdel Fruit Cube and it’s available on iTunes*. As you all know, Nerdel is a very cute, loveable, some would definitely say, including Nerdel himself, adorable, little alien that came to the planet Earth by accident. And he has pledged all of his efforts to help kids all over the world learn how to eat healthy, learn all about nutrition and to get fit and exercise. He already has two books out: Nerdel’s ABC Book – a tasty way to learn the alphabet and Counting on Fruit with Nerdel, which teaches basic counting (in Spanish too!), shape recognition and sequencing using lost of colorful and delicious fruits and very cute pictures of you know who-Nerdel! Well my friends, Nerdel also has an iPad and iPhone app that is super cool too! The Nerdel Fruit Cube is an interactive musical game, which teaches youngsters to recognize fruits and shapes. Your child will love playing the Nerdel Fruit Cube and improve their skills -learning all about a cube, the various shapes like a triangle or rectangle and learn about amazing, colorful and delicious fruits. What better way for a child to incorporate shape recognition with learning about fruits! The Nerdel Fruit Cube is the first in a series with more ...

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