Jan 13 2012

The “You’re Fat” Tax Is Coming!

Okay my friends, I don’t want to be the “I told you” type but I did! The “you’re fat” tax is coming soon. So you ask, what in the world is a “fat tax”? I am glad you asked. As we all are aware, obesity is growing at an alarming rate. Most of us are already overweight and some of us are way overweight-yes face it we are obese. Come on, take a look at your waist line. Look down there now. You can see it as plain as day. Yes, say it with me, I am overweight. Good-that’s a start. You have tried dieting, exercising and nothing seems to work.  Well, our government seems to think that it is now up to our elected public officials to help correct an epidemic. How, you may ask? How does the government respond to issues that threaten public safety-by making new laws and regulations and yes, you know it, it’s on the tip of your tongue-yes, taxes! Of course, taxes-a penalty for this indiscretion. Only this time, the indiscretion is being overweight. As many friends of mine point out, when injuries and fatal accidents as a result of car crashes became major issues, wearing seatbelts was advised. However this advisory didn’t help. So the next step was a law and regulation that made it mandatory for everyone to buckle-up. And it’s working. ...

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Jul 11 2011

We Are Getting Fatter! Graehm Gray

Hello my fans and yes, we are getting fatter. A report released this past Thursday, July 7th, 2011 F as in Fat: How Obesity Threatens America's Future*, reveals that the obesity rates across America are increasing. That’s right, there are more obese individuals in 16 states than in 2010. And there was no state in the United States, that reported a decline in obesity rates. Yes, we are all getting fatting-well most of us! Here are the percentage of obese adults in all 50 states-see it for yourself**: 

State %   State %
Mississippi 34.4   Maine 26.5
Alabama 32.3   Washington 26.4
West Virginia 32.2   Florida 26.1
Tennessee 31.9   Alaska 25.9
Louisiana 31.6   Virginia 25.9
Kentucky 31.5   Idaho 25.7
Oklahoma 31.4   New Hampshire 25.6
South Carolina 30.9   New Mexico 25.6
Arkansas 30.6   Arizona 25.4
Michigan 30.5   Oregon 25.4
Missouri 30.3   Wyoming 25.4
Texas 30.1   Minnesota 25.3

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Jun 04 2011

MyPlate replaces MyPyramid: Graehm Gray

 Hello my fans, breaking news: MyPlate has replaced MyPyramid as the new food educational icon for the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The round plate shape is in and the pyramid structure is out. The new MyPlate message is the following: A. Fruits and veggies should now make up half of your daily calorie intake. B. Grains make up over one quarter and should be mostly whole grains. C. Proteins make up less than a quarter of the calories for the day and include a recommendation for everyone (except vegetarians) to eat at least 8 ounces of cooked seafood per week. Less for younger children based on age. D. Dairy should be either 2 or three cups depending on age and ONLY low fat or fat free. E. Reduce your sodium intake. F. Increase water intake and reduce and avoid sugary drinks. The USDA spent approximately 2 million dollars to develop the new icon which includes promotional monies for the first year of its use. Yes, its simple and appears easier to understand than the pyramid. There is no mention of servings or portions? But I guess that depends on the size of your plate! The largest percentage of the plate goes to the plant foods which without a doubt are the healthiest foods you can consume. Unfortunately, most of us are not eating enough fruits and veggies. What are you waiting for? Low fat and ...

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Feb 11 2011

500 Million People In The World Are Obese! Cutting Portion Sizes In Restaurants. Restricting Food Purchases Based On BMI! Views On The News: Graehm Gray

Well, there it is my friends. The reports are finally out-over a half billion of us-that’s right us-the people and residents of planet Earth, are obese. And this represents a doubling since 1980. These studies, led by researcher Majid Ezzati of the Imperial College of London and Harvard University, were published recently in the Lancet journal. And you know what happens with 500 million people with obesity? You are right again-a rise in the secondary medical problems that result from the obesity like heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Can you imagine a rising population of people with heart problems and diabetes? Our medical system will be overloaded with new patients. Not to mention-seeing many young obese individuals that develop secondary problems earlier and prior to adulthood. It’s catastrophic.   What can be done? Cutting portion sizes and increasing exercise will help. Our medical treatment for elevated blood pressure and high cholesterol is getting better. But that won’t stop the tidal wave of kids and adults that will develop these problems. Maybe we should all feel better that we can treat these secondary problems effectively. But we really need to focus on primary prevention. We need to start the nutrition and fitness education at an early- preschool age and continue this until adult hood. We need to teach our young generation of kids how to eat, what to eat that ...

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Dec 12 2010

Eating Fruits and Veggies Prevents Heart Disease; Vending Machines and Obesity; and Consuming Energy Drinks Can Lead To Alcoholism-Views on the News-Graehm Gray

Kids-eat your fruits and veggies! As if we didn’t already know this, a new study reported in the journal Circulation has suggested that kids who eat a diet full of vegetables and fruits may help prevent the development of heart disease. Dr. Mika Kahonen-Chief Physician in the Department of Physiology at the Tampere University Hospital-Finland and his research team measured the pulse, the heart beat felt in the arteries of the body and the pulse wave velocity-a measure of the stiffness of the artery-which is associated with atherosclerosis. Rigid and stiff arteries make it harder for the heart to pump blood. The study subjects ranged in age from 3-18 and were followed for 27 years! Their findings: those subjects that ate the least amount of vegetables and fruit had the stiffest arteries. And those that ate the most fruits and vegetables had a lower pulse wave velocity suggesting less rigidity in the arteries."These findings suggest that a lifetime pattern of low consumption of fruits and vegetables is related to arterial stiffness in young adulthood," Kahonen said in a news release from the American Heart Association."Parents and pediatricians have yet another reason to encourage children to consume high amounts of fruits and vegetables."  Bottom line: kids and adults need to eat five servings of fruits and vegetables daily! Link: Markus Juonala, M.D., Ph.D., adjunct professor, Turku University Hospital, Turku, Finland; David L. ...

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May 23 2010

Graehm Gray: I Had A Dream….

My friends, I had a wonderful dream that I want to share with you: It all started as I awakened one morning, and smelled some incredible aroma coming from the kitchen. I walked downstairs to find the table set with all sorts of colorful fresh vegetables and fruits. I saw egg whites, and hard boiled eggs. Whole grain breads and muffins were baking. Wow, what a terrific smell. My wife and kids were already sitting and eating and the topic of discussion was how to stay fit and healthy! I couldn’t believe it. But it was as real as it could be! Even the television, which is consistently tuned to either  CWTV’s “America’s Top Model,” Food Channel’s “Food Challenge,” Travel Channel’s-“Andrew Zimmern,” or even TLC’s “Buddy Valastro of Carlo's City Hall Bake Shop in Hoboken, New Jersey,”-now was showing a Science Channel (Discovery) show on the Universe with Stephen Hawking Stephen Hawking's Universe). Am I dreaming? I guess I was, but it was sweet! Even better was when I asked my kids how school was, and they answered that it was “great” and that they were learning about organic foods in the organic garden they had at school and they even prepared some basic recipes in the “kitchen.” I couldn’t believe my ears! Organic garden, organic foods, kitchen-which dimension had I awakened in? My daughter continued to describe the yoga and Tai Chi ...

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Feb 17 2010

Graehm Gray-President Obama To Target Childhood Obesity

Let’s all say, “finally!” Yes, it has happened. The White House, President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are targeting the epidemic of childhood obesity. You read it here, in The Nerdel News, a statement by President Barack Obama forming a taskforce headed by Michelle, to “solve the problem of obesity among our Nation’s children within a generation.” As you all know, The Nerdel News and I have been way ahead of this issue as have many other nutrition and fitness experts. Increase in portion sizes, lack of substantial exercise, more availability of high fat, high carbohydrate and calorie dense foods to our younger folks, more devotion to technology and less to play time are just some of the problems. When schools say that exercise time is walking to the cafeteria, I have a problem with that. We all know the statistics-30 percent of our kids are either overweight or obese. These kids will grow up to be overweight, unhealthy adults if we don’t do something about it. So what can we do? A. Increase exercise time for our kids-make it mandatory in schools. B. Review the school lunch and breakfast programs for portion size and content- make them healthy! C. make an incentive program for parents to get their kids (and themselves) in shape-either tax credits or food credits. Why not! We gave money to banks and insurance companies ...

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Jan 06 2010

Graehm Gray:Will Banning Bake Sales Decrease Childhood Obesity?

By Graehm Gray Editor- In- Chief I was surfing the news channels this past long New Year’s weekend and catching up on my huge stack of news papers and magazines and came across several stories about the Department of Education (DOE) in New York, banning bake sales in schools in an attempt to decrease obesity. At first, it seemed to make sense. I thought that there must be millions of kids eating cake and cookies at these sales. I read the entire memo  issued June 29, 2009, in accordance with the polices and initiatives of the New York DOE’s Wellness Policy to “improve the quality and nutritional value of foods and beverages that are available for children.” New York, already one of the first states to display calorie and nutritional values of foods on sale to the public and in restaurants and eliminate trans fats, may be on the cutting edge with this latest move to blunt the obesity epidemic, an epidemic that has yet to have any viable solutions. Or are they? Okay, so you “it’s my right to eat whatever I want, whenever I want” followers are already lining up to say this is yet another unconstitutional action. Aren’t bakes sales a part of our culture? Bakes sales raise money for good causes at County Fairs, religious centers and the Great American Bake Sale sponsored by the Share Our Strength ...

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