Nov 03 2009

Calling All Turkeys! Dancing Your Way Into Thanksgiving!

By Alison Moss Gobble! Gobble! Thanksgiving time is near. Are you prepared to find the moves that groove you on the big day? Think about it…one word comes to mind when I think about Thanksgiving—TURKEY!  And lots of it! But, all turkey and no movement can be a bad thing; so, I’m here to help you create your own movement playground at home on Thanksgiving Day. I’m sure Mom, Dad, and maybe even Grandma are in the kitchen prepping for the special meal.  There are lots of activities you can do in your own home to keep you busy and moving. My favorite part of the morning is the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I love to grab lots of pillows and blankets and hunker down on the couch to watch the balloons and parade floats go through the streets of New York, while an apple pie bakes in the oven. Sometimes, I dance with the singers on the parade floats. Often times, it’s a hit artist playing my favorite song. I’ve even been known to belt out the lyrics too, until someone reminds me that I am not a singer, nor should I ever quit my day job and try to be one. Another thought while watching the parade is making use of the commercial breaks. Those three to four minute breaks are perfect for working on stretches to improve flexibility. Why ...

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Oct 22 2009

Halloween Safety Tips

   Tips for your Trick or Treat walk  Travel in groups.  A Parent or responsible Adult should always accompany children on their neighborhood rounds - stay with your group. Carry a flashlight with fresh batteries and a glow stick.  Stay on the sidewalk, never cut across yards or use alleys. Do not cross the street in the middle of the block or between parked cars - cross at a designated cross walk. Walk never run across the street. Look both ways before crossing  (a good rule for crossing is to look  left, then  right, then left again). Follow all traffic signals. Children should carry all important telephone numbers in case of emergency.  Emergency information can be secured discreetly within Halloween clothing or on an identification bracelet (name, address, phone number). Never enter a stranger's home or car for a treat. Only go to houses that are well lit. Do not approach any pets that you are not familiar with. Children should remain in well populated places and not go into empty or deserted areas.  All parents and responsible parties should always know where their children are going. Children should never go home with a strange adult or another child. Do not permit children to bicycle, roller-blade or skateboard while Trick or Treating  Drivers  All drivers should always drive slowly and be alert for all Trick or Treaters . All drivers should watch for children in the street and be extra careful entering or exiting driveways. All drivers should be ...

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