The Nerdel Series of Children’s Books


Nerdel's ABC BookDrs. Marc and Robin Kesselman wanted to find a way to teach kids about nutrition, fitness and health in a fun and entertaining way.

Empowering kids with the information to make the right choices at an early age is their mission!

The Nerdel Series of Children’s Books is a wonderful way for your children to have fun and laugh as they learn. Nerdel, his family and friends share and discover counting, the ABC’s, nutrition, exercise and many more exciting subjects as Nerdel® and your children learn more about the world.

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First in The Series: Nerdel’s ABC Book   ISBN 9780982335727



Counting on Fruit with NerdelIt’s here! The newest book in the Nerdel Series of Children’s Books – Counting On Fruit with Nerdel, a winner of the

2011 – Moonbeam Children’s Book Award

Meet the loveable and adorable Nerdel, a little alien visitor from the planet Zendel. Nerdel has arrived on the planet Earth. He is on an adventure and is learning all about nutrition and fitness from his new friends and family. You can Count on Fruit with Nerdel and learn about numbers in this rhyming tale full of fun and love. Learn basic numbers in English and Spanish, sequencing, shapes and more!

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 Second in The Series: Counting On Fruit with Nerdel  ISBN 9780982335703


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