Nov 24 2011

Thanksgiving Is For Giving Thanks

Is there a reason to say thank you this year? Thanks for what, you may ask. If we look at the economy, unemployment is at an all time high. Lots of Americans in every state are out of work. American soldiers, away from their families, are stationed all over this globe protecting life and the spirit of freedom. We are in the midst of an election campaign and our President and congressional electorate can’t work together to come up with a jobs producing agreement or budget reduction framework. All over the world, we are seeing a disenfranchised public push to oust an aging autocracy. Europe, facing huge debt and unemployment is on the verge of a grand recession. From catastrophic weather events to unexpected land shifts, to territorial fights, people all over this world are in a state of need. World famine (925 million people: WFP) and poverty are at an all time high. Internally, despite our wide spread food insecurity and rising hunger (50 million people), the population in the United States is getting fatter. Statistics from 2008 revealed that there will be a huge surge in obesity and diabetes by 2030. Now, current research (Northwestern University-Feinberg School of Medicine, presented at the AHA Meetings in Orlando, Florida November 16, 2011) reveals that by the year 2020, ten years earlier than previously expected, the majority of American adults will be overweight and or obese, and more than 50 percent of American adults will have diabetes or pre-diabetic conditions.

So, tell me again why we have to say thank you?

Yes, these conditions and times are stretching our altruistic abilities. And yet, the poor, impoverished and hungry need us now more than ever. Maybe it’s just my line of reasoning, but shouldn’t we as residents and citizens of this planet, look at the famine stricken populations and deal with them now-how about the catchy phrase:  ”lets feed them” ? Should there really be a hunger problem in the world? No. Should kids (16 million kids live in food insecure house-holds in the USA according to the USDA) go hungry each and every day? No. “Let’s feed them” should ring out from every corner of the earth. We have the capacity as a global population to feed the world. So why don’t we?

So many problems are facing the world. People in many countries are in a state of unrest. People are in need, people who are hungry, kids who are hungry, kids and families who are homeless. That’s why when you are in a house, with family around you, eating your Thanksgiving Day meals, we all need to take a moment and realize how very lucky we are. How fortunate to have our fill of food and how secure we are in our homes, for there are millions of adults and kids who are far less fortunate.

When you think about hunger and homeless as words, and then place these words with the faces, you may want to think twice about where the priorities of our world should be. That’s what giving thanks should be about!

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