Apr 17 2011

Best Diet in the Universe : Blueberries and Walnuts – More Questions and Answers: Graehm Gray

Hello my fans and welcome to another installment of the Best Diet in the Universe series. As you can see, this series is composed of terrific diet plans, questions and answers of real life diet issues, recipes and information about foods, nutrition and fitness. It could be a great book. And all of you, my adoring fans, are getting the benefit of reading it here first, for free! Yes, soon it will be at your local book sellers, or online as an e-book. As a side note, I am still hoping that bookstores make a comeback! There is nothing like the feel of a book. Now mind you- I love my e-readers-I have a few types. But I still love the feel of books. I guess I am old fashion. But it seems that we are losing this precious art form. Anyway, back to the topic at hand.

I am still receiving lots of wonderful questions and came upon questions related to blueberries and walnuts. These are two wonderful plant based foods and a big part of the Best Diet in the Universe. Remember my fans, this diet plan incorporates the good carbohydrates that you should have in your daily diet plan. By eating more of a plant based diet, you will incorporate more of the “good” complex carbohydrates that have the fiber, vitamins, minerals and protein as well as many positive health benefits, into your routine. The Best Diet in the Universe is a plan for improving your body’s health as well as lowering its fat content and your weight. So many plans eliminate the good carbs and this in my opinion is not the best way to make you healthy! So here we go in part two of Best Diet in the Universe – frequently asked questions:

A. Blueberries: We all know that blueberries are a terrific fruit, filled with lots of antioxidants, phytochemicals and polyphenols, and have been associated with everything from acting as a anti-diabetic agent, preventing atherosclerosis** (hardening of the artery), is anti-aging, improves memory, treats Parkinson’s disease, lowers blood pressure, treats liver disease and decreases belly fat. Now studies are showing that blueberries may prevent obesity at a molecular level. Shiwani Moghe*, a researcher from Texas Woman’s University, has shown that blueberries may prevent the formation of fat cells. Wow-preventing obesity and fat generation at the cell differentiation level- a new frontier in the treatment of obesity. So when you want a sweet, chose a handful of blueberries- it will satisfy your sweet urges and is an amazing wonder-fruit for your body and mind. By the way, blueberry season is in full bloom in the summer and in states like Maine and Vermont – you can find blueberry stands all over, especially at the fresh markets and all along the highways. Take advantage- they are absolutely delicious!

B. Walnuts: As you know on the Best Diet in the Universe, nuts are one of the major snacks used. In the U.S., the majority of people consume about 8.5 pounds of nuts yearly-mostly peanuts***. Nuts are a healthy, plant based protein that have mostly unsaturated fats, phytosterols, omega-3 fatty acids and minerals like potassium and magnesium. In addition, they have fiber and give a sensation of being full- which translates to lower amount of foods consumed. Nuts have a cholesterol and blood pressure lowering effect and are helpful in decreasing inflammatory factors in the body also. Nuts also have been found to decrease the risks of heart disease, lower cancer rates, decrease gallstone production, lower weight gain, help treat Type 2 diabetes ( nuts do not have any carbohydrate so they don’t contribute to the blood sugar spikes from meals) and decrease the risk of obesity. Walnuts, more than the other varieties of nuts, seem to have the most antioxidants. Baked with a cinnamon coating or natural out of the shell, walnuts provide the low fat, no carbohydrate and high protein alternative to snack foods. Eat them at home or take them with you where ever you and your children go!

So my Best Diet in the Universe fans, keep on the path. Its working-you are doing great! More great recipes and daily diet plans are on the way! This healthy diet plan is making your body healthier and the daily exercise is helping burn off calories and getting you fit. If your goal is to lose weight- this plan will help you. If your goal is to fit into those clothes in the back of your closet that you just said “whatever” to – this plan will help you. If you want to detox your entire eating program, this plan will help you.

My friends, stay fit and healthy the Nerdel Way!

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