Feb 28 2011

Best Diet In The Universe-Day 2: Graehm Gray

Okay, so you survived day one on The Best Diet In The Universe. This is a really simple program to help you lose extra, added weight and get back into shape. This is a plan to get you back into your tight clothes. This is a plan to let you open your eyes in front of the mirror again. This is a program that you can follow forever. After experiencing most of the major (and minor ones also) diets out there today, I found that you can lose weight on all of them. That’s right-all of them. Whether it’s a low fat, low carb (Atkins, South Beach), high protein, complex carb, Zone, Glycemic Index, organic, raw foods, juice or starvation diet-the answer is yes, all of them work. But, what about re-gaining the lost weight? In fact, the statistics from research (Traci Mann- Associate Professor of Psychology-UCLA) on people that go on diets show that 2/3 of all dieters re-gain the weight and over 80 percent gain extra weight on top of those pounds they initially lost! What! That’s startling. It’s called the yoyo effect. Up and down, back and forth, gain and loss and gain more. I am sure you all have heard this term. Yes, my friends, we can lose those unwanted pounds on virtually any diet plan we follow-but don’t you want to keep the excess baggage off? A diet has to be a plan for the long term. It can’t be a sprint. Its our life. Its a marathon.

Also with this plan-diet and exercise are tied together. Movement is important for weight loss and physical fitness. And proper nutrition is important for movement. 

Let me hear you say AY Men!!  So you made it thru day number one-

Hopefully you walked or did treadmill. And maybe some air boxing-that’s the calorie burning phase. Did you sign any autographs? Now for day two.

 The Best Diet In The Universe: Day 2

Breakfast: using a spinach or tomato rollup (found in the deli section of your local supermarket)-fill it with 2 scrambled eggs, some shredded cheddar cheese, cucumber, a few hot peppers slices (how hot is up to you) and some Paul Newman (Newman’s Own) Medium salsa. Coffee/tea and a glass of water with lemon. If you are still a bit hungry-have a small lettuce salad with tomatoes-small amount of dressing of your choice- using the dip and taste method. Calorie goal 300.

 Snack:  a few handfuls of almonds and a glass of water with lemon. Calorie goal 50-75.

 Lunch: I bet you thought I was going to say salmon-didn’t you? Well, truthfully I was, but I changed my mind- today is your choice-Turkey, salmon, vegetable or sirloin burger-no bread. The size of the burger should be roughly the size of your hand. Add lettuce, tomato, slices of onion, hot peppers (again your choice how hot), and a one table spoon of Paul Newman Salsa (mild medium or hot-your choice); also you may be able to add a small lettuce salad with tomato (your choice of dressing-using the dip and taste method-no sweet ones); add  2-3 slices of sliced baked sweet potato. Coffee or tea and a glass of water with lemon. Calorie goal: 350.

Snack: combination of walnuts, dried cherries and almonds-unsalted and roasted-2 handfuls; add cup of green tea (or ice green tea-refreshing!!!)-no sugar or sugar free substitute and 6 oz. glass of water with lemon. Calorie goal 50-100.

Dinner: Did you say The Palm? Well, yes, I know you thought I was going to say salmon but, well, it’s a meat type of day so have a steak-any type-Filet, Sirloin-your choice. Seasoning with garlic and olive oil-not butter!!! But you can use Earth Balance. Dinner salad with lettuce, shredded cheddar cheese, peppers, olives, tomatoes, cucumbers-no pickles, dressing of your choice- remember a small amount.  [DIET TIP: never coat the salad with dressing-keep the dressing on the side and dunk your individual bites into the dressing for a lighter touch-dip and taste method].   Coffee or tea and a glass of water with lemon. Calorie goal 350.

Dessert: wait 30 minutes after the end of dinner before you eat dessert. Also walk around before starting dessert.  This helps you really feel how full your stomach is. Tonight’s sweet retreat is fresh berries and melon topped with cinnamon. Take 2-3 handfuls total of blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and you may also add a few cantaloupe, honeydew or watermelon slices-sprinkle with cinnamon. Add a 6oz. glass of water with lemon. Calorie goal: 100.

Late snack: so you are still hungry and looking forward to eating again. Many nutritional experts have said that eating before going to sleep may add to the obesity issue and weight gain however most studies (Weight-loss and Nutritional Myths) have confirmed that it is the total calories count and exercise amount that are important and not the timing. Anyway-if you are still hungry, and don’t really care about how late it is, or whether these extra calories will interfrere with your weight loss (they might), and you have to eat, must eat, need to eat, need that sensation, want the taste of food, are a bit anxious about the lower calorie intake of the day-here are your choices: A. small lettuce, tomato and cucumber salad with a very small dip and taste dressing, B. 1-2 hand-fulls of almonds and walnuts-no cherries at this late hour or C. a cup of decaf green tea and meditate on how you are not really hungry, really not hungry, really not hungry….. You get the point. This is your choice. And you thought you wouldn’t have options on this diet! Calorie goal: 50.

Exercise of the day: Here we are again, the “e” word. Well ,you have several options again (because I am such a kind person): A. walking 10,000 to 20,000 steps with air boxing, B. Swimming laps for an hour, C. treadmill for 2-3 miles, D. combination of the above for a  total one hour of CONTINOUS MOVEMENT. The bottom line is continuous, aerobic movement. Of course other options may include, running, tennis, basketball, dancing and or Tai Chi.  Or even a combination of the above. It’s the aerobic quality that’s important. Calorie burning goal: minimum 300. 

So there is it-day number two-are you with me-alittle louder please-I can’t hear you! If you have any questions, email me  at talk@nerdel.com. Like what can I substitute, what does exercise mean? Whatever!

One last thing-do you weigh yourself daily or not? I would say don’t. Do it weekly. Or if you must know-have to know-need to know-do it daily.  Weight will come off. Yes, it will! It takes time and effort-and remember you are doing a great job-and in the words of Fernando-you look marvelous!

 My friends-stay fit and healthy The Nerdel Way.


  1. Weight loss and Nutritional Myths: http://win.niddk.nih.gov/publications/myths.htm
  2. Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010:  http://www.cnpp.usda.gov/dietaryguidelines.htm

 Final Notes:

  1. Remember to avoid nuts if you are allergic and substitute veggies and or hot air popcorn
  2. May substitute low sodium ham, soy, chicken, turkey or beef for tuna
  3. May substitute lean beef, pork, soy or poultry for any fish dish
  4. Follow the current Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010
  5. Eat less salt-my recommendation-keep your sodium in take less than 1500mg per day.
  6. Eat less saturated fats-eat more mono and polyunsaturated fats-this means eat more plant foods and less animal fats and proteins.
  7. Eat less than 300mg per day of dietary cholesterol
  8. Eat zero trans fats
  9. Reduce intake of solid fats and sugars
  10. Eat more whole grains and less refined grains
  11. Always check with your medical provider before starting a dietary and exercise program

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