Feb 11 2011

500 Million People In The World Are Obese! Cutting Portion Sizes In Restaurants. Restricting Food Purchases Based On BMI! Views On The News: Graehm Gray

Well, there it is my friends. The reports are finally out-over a half billion of us-that’s right us-the people and residents of planet Earth, are obese. And this represents a doubling since 1980. These studies, led by researcher Majid Ezzati of the Imperial College of London and Harvard University, were published recently in the Lancet journal. And you know what happens with 500 million people with obesity? You are right again-a rise in the secondary medical problems that result from the obesity like heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Can you imagine a rising population of people with heart problems and diabetes? Our medical system will be overloaded with new patients. Not to mention-seeing many young obese individuals that develop secondary problems earlier and prior to adulthood. It’s catastrophic.   What can be done? Cutting portion sizes and increasing exercise will help. Our medical treatment for elevated blood pressure and high cholesterol is getting better. But that won’t stop the tidal wave of kids and adults that will develop these problems. Maybe we should all feel better that we can treat these secondary problems effectively. But we really need to focus on primary prevention. We need to start the nutrition and fitness education at an early- preschool age and continue this until adult hood. We need to teach our young generation of kids how to eat, what to eat that will keep us healthy, how to make the food and the importance of daily exercise. Only then, when the model for the education process is in place, we will have a solution to the problem. So what are we waiting for? I have been on the soap box for a long time, recommending the re-institution of the “Home-economics” course-except retooled with a current up to date lesson plan. Let’s put it in place now. Education is the answer and the solution to our problems. Unfortunately, we may have to go through a period of restrictions placed upon us by the government until the education process has succeeded. What about cutting portion sizes in restaurants as suggested by First Lady Michelle Obama. Should this become a law or rule? I don’t think so. Maybe start with education-show people exactly how many calories from fat, protein and carbohydrates they will consume. Show how many milligrams of salt they will consume with each meal. That should be the first step-way before we make it a law. What about restricting someone’s purchases in a food store based on their BMI? How could that happen? Here is a scenario from a possible future: mind you-this doesn’t exist yet. But what if you walked in to your local food store and were analyzed and measured by a computer. Your height and weight were measured and instantly your BMI was calculated. This number, now known by the store’s computer, was then sent to your food cart. Every section of the store would have that information, as well as the checkout counter. The store computer, maybe think of it as an updated HAL 9000, would then constantly analyze the items that you were placing in the shopping cart and tell you that you were either able to purchase them or unable to based on your BMI analysis. Can you imagine a script that went like this?

Computer: Hello Graehm. I see that your BMI has increased since your last visit.

Graehm: well, maybe I haven’t been exercising as much.

Computer-Graehm, it’s very important to exercise each and every day.

Graehm-well I have been so busy with work.

Computer-Graehm-this is important for your life. Graehm have you been eating more food lately?

Graehm- well maybe I have been snacking more.

Computer-Graehm- your BMI has increased. You will need to need to cut your calories and exercise more.

Graehm-OK-I will.

Computer-Graehm-I will monitor your product selection today.


Computer-Graehm-please upload your shopping list.


Computer-Graehm-this list is unacceptable. I will adjust it for the appropriate food choices and amounts.

Graehm-but I am so hungry and I will definitely exercise more.

Computer-Graehm-yes-you will need to exercise more and eat less. Until we have new measurement data-you will have to comply.

Graehm-I’m afraid.

What? Yes, is this the future? It could be one posible future, if we continue to have more and more restrictions placed on our freedoms. Can we as a society rely on self discipline? Can you cut your portion sizes on your honor? Can you exercise daily on your honor? Or will you let this scenario become reality. And not only will there be BMI counters in food stores, but what about restaurants, clothing stores, malls? If we let this go that far-will we have a George Orwell futuristic 1984 type society?

 My friends start now. Cut down on the calories. Cut down on the salt. Cut down on the sugar and refined products. Eat more whole grains, lean meats, fish, low fat dairy and load up on the fruits and veggies. My friends begin an exercise program today. Start with ten minutes and increase your fitness time as you can. Start today! You can do it!

 Stay fit and healthy The Nerdel Way!


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