Feb 05 2011

Best Diet in the Universe-Secret Diet Tips Revealed! Graehm Gray

Hello fans of mine, and welcome back to The Best Diet in the Universe. It’s what you all have been waiting for. It’s what you have been preparing for. It’s time to get started. It’s time to get fit and healthy. It’s time to get into shape! So all of you that have read the last two blog columns-you are ready!

Let’s take a moment and review all the major points that got you this far:

  1. The junk food in your kitchen is gone-hasta la vista baby! It’s replaced by healthier items. Don’t worry-I will give you a list of the healthy items you should stock up on.
  2. You got on the scale and now you know! Had to be done! This is your starting weight. And we all need a starting point. You will weigh yourself every few days and watch the weight fall off.
  3. You made a realistic weight loss goal. This is so important. So many times we say-I am going to lose 20 pounds, or 30 pounds.” Never happens. This goal needs to be something you CAN actually reach. This doesn’t have to be the only goal. Once you reach this weight target, you reassess and look at the next goal. One of the major problems that we all face is once we achieved the first goal-we don’t sustain it and we gain back the weight. So a realistic weight loss goal is one that we can achieve and MAINTAIN!!!
  4. The “E” word. Yes, exercise. You have come to grips with the word. Come on, say it with me. EXERCISE! There, you did it. That wasn’t too bad was it? Well, exercise as well all know is an integral part to staying fit and healthy. It’s an important and vital aspect of any diet. It burns calories. It adds balance to your life. It’s the “E” word that’s good for you. This “e” word needs to be done daily! And it’s all a matter of finding the right type of fitness activity that fits you!  
  5. The medical check-up. By now you should have all had your check up. It’s important for many reasons. Many health problems start out as silent attackers. We have no idea that we have a problem. No pain, no aches, no skin rashes, nothing for us to see or feel. But these alien body invaders are hard at work creating mischief. Fortunately our doctors and medical providers can discover exactly what these issues are and help treat them before they become serious. Go get a check-up. Don’t be stubborn! It can save your life!!!

Now after reading my last column, you should all be aware of the general types of foods and cooking methods, that are included in The Best Diet in the Universe. Let’s review briefly:

  1. Fruits and Vegetables: Gotta have them! Nature’s plants are loaded with incredible vitamins, anitoxidants and fiber that can keep us healthy and may even prevent some health problems.
  2. Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids: Eating foods with mono-unsaturated and poly unsaturated oils like fish, nuts, seeds, vegetable oils and avocados have been associated with positive health benefits. On the other hand, consuming lots of foods with saturated and transfats (red meats, processed foods) has been associated with negative benefits like heart disease. Remember: the right fat is where it’s at! That’s a fact!
  3. Leans meat and poultry: is there a place for lean meat and poultry? Of course. Poultry and meats have saturated fats and it’s important to eat them in small amounts.
  4. Cooking methods: Remember, frying (sauté) anything adds more bad fats to your body. Grilling meats has also been associated with negative healthy problems. So word to the wise: the best cooking methods are: BBBPS-which stands for baking, broiling, boiling, poaching and steaming.
  5. Low fat dairy: yes, that means food for our bones. Calcium is an important mineral. It is found in dairy products and soy products. Soy products contain plant fat which is generally unsaturated (mono and poly). Animal dairy contains saturated fats. So remember: the right fat is where it’s at-chose lower fat dairy products!
  6. Whole grains: Remember that we want to eat the entire grain product that is loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, proteins and fiber. Processed or refined (a.k.a. “white” grain) products only contain the carbohydrate and protein portions and lack those vital nutrients. Whole grain products have a positive health benefit and when consumed have been positively associated with a lower incidence of diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Now, isn’t that what we want? You bet!
  7. Portion Distortion: One of the main problems with our diets is the amount of food we eat per meal. We overeat! We are true glutens. That’s right we consume enormous amounts of calories per day, way over the amounts necessary for our wellbeing. Of course there are exceptions for eating more calories: exercise, fitness and sports related activities, muscle building activities and pregnancy are some exception to the rule. But there is no excuse for the rest of us!  And when we take in more food or energy, without burning off these added calories, it results in weight gain.  Added calories, whether from sweetened beverages, desserts, candy, or other high carbohydrate foods on a yearly basis are responsible for our children getting heavier and one of the causes of childhood and adult obesity. We need an element of self control, self discipline and balance.

So there you have it! A recap of all of the major points. Next we start with the diet and Day One!

My friends stay fit and healthy The Nerdel Way!

Please visit the newly released 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans  


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