Jan 14 2011

Best Diet in the Universe:Secrets Revealed – Graehm Gray

Wow, by the response from my last blog, you guys and gals are ready! It seems that many of us are ready to get the weight off.  I am proud of all of you honest folks-yes, we let it out-we are honest-we gained weight and we are not happy campers. And now, you took the first five steps: 1. You got rid of all of the junk food in your kitchen-had to be done 2. You have weighed yourself-good or bad-had to be done 3. You set a weight loss goal that is realistic-had to be done 4. You made an exercise schedule and finally you went for (or have scheduled) a checkup with your medical provider-had to be done. Great job! Had to be done! Must be done! You are well on your way to success. Now you are all wondering, what’s next? What other secrets can you tell me? Tell me Graehm, please, please!  

So let’s talk food! That’s right “da food!” What type, how much and when can I eat it? Isn’t that what we all ask several times a day? In my family, we ask it before we even finish our first meal of the day. We need to know! And we need to know now! We all think about food incessantly. It makes us feel good knowing what we are going to eat before we finish the meal in front of us. It calms us. It’s something to look forward to. It makes us happy. It gives us peace. Food is Zen! Why should we even worry where our next meal will be or what it will be or what time it will be served? We have to have an idea in our minds about our next meal. Heaven forbid the world runs out of food in between breakfast and lunch! Sometimes we need to know weeks, months and even years ahead where we are going to eat-why? I can remember many conversations at the Thanksgiving table about where our next Thanksgiving will be. How far ahead do we have to know? Years, decades, eons? And in between meals, we can’t wait. So we need a snack. A little something to get us to the next meal. Not anything big, mind you. Just a small, bite size, morsel. Maybe with a drink of water, or other beverage.  Face it- we are all food addicts. We can’t help it. Turn on the TV, read the paper or magazine, look at basically any popular sites on the internet. What do you see-food commercials. They are attacking all of our senses. If they could send aroma through the computer or TV screen, they would do that too! Face it-food is important. Every aspect of it is important-the timing, the content, the size. We crave it. And we can’t do without it.

Ok, let’s get to the specifics of The Best Diet in the Universe: Phase One-The Generals.

The Generals is a category that covers the basics of this diet plan. Here you will find out about the type of foods you should be eating. When I reviewed hundreds of diet plans for this column, I realized that  several fundamental concepts, several repeating tenets, several successful and healthy ideas kept reoccurring:

Secrets Revealed-The Best Diet Tips In The Universe: The Generals:

  1. Portion sizes and the total amount of food consumed per day are important. Control how much you are eating. Calories (energy in) in must be balanced by calories burned off (energy out).  
  2. Consumption of fruits and vegetables is important. We need to eat lots of colorful fruits and veggies daily. Loaded with vitamins and antioxidants these foods have a “preventive” health benefit”.
  3.  Eating enough omega-3 fatty acids in the form of fish, oils and nuts are important. These foods have poly and monounsaturated fats which in balance are a positive for your health.
  4. Drinking enough water every day is important. Water is the spice of life! We are composed mostly of water and need this vital fluid to flush our systems from all of the residual build up of waste products daily.
  5. Eating lean meats and poultry and overall less saturated fats is important. While some people prefer meats and poultry over fish, we should eat less of the saturated forms of fats. Saturated fats eaten in small amounts are okay-but still do not possess the healthy benefits of the polys and monos.
  6. Eating yogurts and other calcium rich low fat dairy products are important. Calcium is important for the growing bones of our youngsters. Some research studies indicate that milk products may be beneficial at preventing diabetes. Calcium is super important in growing bones.
  7. Eating whole grain products and less processed foods are important. Breads and pastas made in the Mediterranean countries were made from whole grains and not processed grains. These products included a more vitamin and anti oxidant rich supply. Whole grains contain the vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and fiber in addition to the carbohydrate and protein Processed and refined products only contain the carbohydrate and protein..
  8. Exercise every day-walking, running, yoga, Tai Chi, boxing, rowing, swimming, whatever is your passion. But do something every day! Must be done! What more can we say about fitness? Calories must be burned off by physical activity. Now the type of activity is all up to you! From dancing to swimming; from football to water aerobics-it’s up to you. Must be done!

Now some will ask about dessert or other sweet things on this plan-well remember everything in moderation. Most sweet foods have calories-so again it’s a balance. Eat something sweet-balance with burning off those calories. There are many sweets that also have health benefits which make them a better choice: examples-dark chocolates and fruits.

Side note: the residents of the Mediterranean countries were at one time the healthiest humans on the planet. They ate little in the form of processed foods and walked a lot. The convenience/food stores were not close by as they are now. Food was grown, caught, or farmed. Originally, people bought food daily to cook-there were no frozen storage units. That meant a daily trip to the store-walking. Foods were fresh. Chores involved manual labor-what I am saying is that calories were burned going shopping and living.  People were not stuck in front of a television or computer. They were outside, playing sports, walking, dancing and moving. They ate plenty of olive oil, fish, yogurts, fresh breads, veggies, fruits, nuts and fish.  

So there are the Generals! In the next installment, we will start to form the complete diet plan and include some recipes.

My friends- stay fit and healthy The Nerdel Way!



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