Jul 18 2010

Graehm Gray: Apps for Healthy Kids – a Nutrition and Fitness Competition Sponsored by First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Campaign to End Childhood Obesity

First Lady Michelle Obama has made it her mission to tackle the issues of childhood obesity. She developed the Let’s Move campaign with the focus to encourage kids all over the United States (and the world) to get active and eat healthy:

“Through the Let’s Move! campaign—a comprehensive, collaborative, and community-oriented initiative that addresses all of the various factors that lead to childhood obesity—we are engaging every sector of society that impacts the health of children to provide schools, families and communities the simple tools they need to help kids be more active, eat better, and get healthy.”

As we all are aware, childhood (and adult) obesity is at epidemic proportions. According to the recent statistics, our nation is getting fatter and less fit. We are headed in the wrong direction. It is very difficult for individuals to lose the added weight once they have gained it. The new Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010 (see Graehm Gray’s blog:  DGA Parts One and Two in The Nerdel News) coming out soon will explain in detail the latest accumulated research based information on what we should be eating. However, a plan must be formed to try and prevent the weight gain and increase the fitness levels of our children.

Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign in conjunction with the USDA, have developed a contest called Apps for Healthy Kids (www.appsforhealthykids.com) which:

challenges software developers, game designers, students, and other innovators to develop fun and engaging software tools and games that drive children, especially “tweens” (ages 9-12) – directly or through their parents – to eat better and be more physically active.”

It is truly amazing to see some of the software applications developed to help kids and adults manage their energy (calories), explore the food pyramid and learn more about healthy nutrition and fitness. From virtual worlds (Nerdel’s 3-D World) and games to IPhone applications, there are lots of novel and helpful ideas. Many of these applications have merged education with entertainment-edutainment, a wonderful way to keep the attention of both child and adult.

Encouraging this form of technology, edutainment, is a natural way to improve the information transfer to both children and adults so that they can make better decisions about what they eat and learn how exercise is can be so beneficial. This is part of the plan. Remember, its up to us to make it happen. We can control the portion sizes and calorie intakes of our children. We can motivate our kids to become more fit. Its up to us!

Check out the apps at Apps for Healthy Kids. You can click on each of the links and try each application.There is public voting for your favorites (like American Idol)-after you register! There is also judging by an illustrious panel of experts in gaming, education, health and nutrition. The judging and voting started on July 14th and continues through August 14th.

My friends, stay fit and healthy The New Nerdel Way.

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