Jan 29 2010

“My Choices Make Me Who I Am” -By Mutiya Vision and David Vision, Illustrated by Ignacio Alcantara, Vision Works Publishing (October 2008)

Book Review: By Lisa GarnerMy Choices

“My Choices Make Me Who I Am”

Authors: Mutiya Vision and David Vision

Illustrator: Ignacio Alcantra

Publisher: Vision Works Publishing (October 2008)

“Every choice I make defines who I am. What I choose to be in life is up to me. Where I go depends on how I engage the challenges I meet, the paths I choose to take, and the trails I choose to create. The choice is in my hands.” These beautifully written words and illustrations can be discovered in a compelling and powerful new book, “My Choices Make Me Who I Am,” written by David and Mutiya Vision and illustrated by Ignacio Alcantara.

This 2009 recipient of the National Best Books Award in the Children’s Educational category is an inspirational story of how an adolescent boy confronts and adapts to life’s daily challenges and the important lessons he learns along the way. Each real life experience gives him the opportunity to make a choice which will ultimately define him as a human being. After careful examination of each situation and reviewing the potential rewards or consequences associated with it, he learns the importance of making wise choices.

Throughout the book, the young boy shares his personal experiences and offers advice on how a child might apply this knowledge to their own life. This is a great book to help children understand the importance of controlling their emotions, listening carefully, accepting valuable advice, and making well informed decisions.

The poignant and powerful text is complemented well by Alcantara’s eye catching and thought provoking illustrations. Impressionistic in style, Alcantara is able to accurately and objectively record the visual reality of each situation using the transient effects of light and color.

My Choices Make Me Who I Am is a priceless resource for any family, therapist, teacher, or other caregiver who is interested in exposing their children to character based education and providing them with the opportunity to discover who they are as a person, and how their thoughts, words, and deeds affect themselves and the world around them.

This award winning husband and wife team of David and Mutiya Vision write and publish their own line of character building children’s books for both the retail and school markets.

For additional information, please visit VisionWorksPub.com.

Add this fabulous book to your collection…”the choice is your hands!”

About the authors:

Award winning children’s book authors David and Mutiya Vision are a husband and wife team who’ve navigated the goliath responsibility of raising seven children! And yet, this task isn’t nearly as challenging and unpredictable as the world they saw their children entering into. As a result of overcoming adversity in their own childhood experiences, the Visions wished to give children the benefit of information they didn’t have access to while growing up. The Visions collaborated to produce a number of character building children’s books. From literary works their creativity blossomed into various workshops, family oriented programs, videos, and music designed to entertain, raise the human spirit and strengthen mental development in children of all ages. Their materials assist children in confronting life issues, understanding emotions, exploring options, discovering their purpose and making wise choices in any given situation. Their commitment and vision inspires children, parents, communities, and educators everywhere to utilize their own talents in making the world a better place for all. David and Mutiya Vision are the authors of 10 published children’s books. Their book My Choices Make Me Who I Am won The National Best Book 2009 Award in the children’s education category. We invite you to visit visionworkspub.com for additional information


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