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Project M.O.M.: Mothers & Others & MyPyramid

By Graehm Gray

A great new program from the USDA Center for Nutrition Policy is Project M.O.M.: Mothers & Others & MyPyramid. Project M.O.M. is an initiative that will target the way an American family eats. The goals of the project will be to empower the nutritional gatekeeper of the family unit with information and skills to make “family-healthy” food choices.

Here are the four individual units of Project M.O.M.:

  1. MyPyramid Menu Planner-will help plan food choices with “sensible and realistic nutritional advice” to meet your MyPyramid recommendations
  2. MyPyramid for Pregnancy and Breastfeeding-will allow you to create a personalized plan for Moms that shows what and how much to eat from each food group during each trimester of pregnancy.
  3. MyPyramid for Preschoolers-will allow you to create a meal plan for preschoolers (ages 2 to 5) based on advice from leading experts in nutrition, written in a parent-friendly format.
  4. Cost of Raising a Child Calculator-will let parents estimate how much a child will cost them, based on the age of the child, their household income and the region of the country where they reside. It will also let parents estimate expected college costs.

There is an overwhelming epidemic of childhood obesity spreading all over the world. We need to start the nutritional and fitness education process early. Nerdel and The Nerdel Company support the goals of Project M.O.M. and believe that we need to empower our kids to make the right choices. We also need to empower the family member that makes the choices for the family's meals with all the information and necessary skills needed to make the right choices. In addition, we need to make sure that all of the links in the food chain from the farmer to the supermarket store manager collectively start thinking and orienting themselves more about family healthy meals.

We need to work together to deal with the obesity problem that is affecting our children. It will take industry cooperation, media efforts, educators and consumers to align themselves for this important goal. Nerdel and The Nerdel Company salute the USDA for Project M.O.M. and will do everything they can to help empower the kids, parents and all interested parties to make the right choices.

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